Montréal, September 6, 2017 – FRQnet, the new integrated awards and grants management system shared by the three Fonds de recherche du Québec—Nature et technologies, Santé and Société et culture—was launched on July 20.

The implementation of this type of system is a large-scale operation and represents a major transition for the FRQ and the entire scientific community in Québec that interacts with the Fonds.

Of course, we are aware that there are challenges inherent to the deployment of such an extensive key project. According to priority based on competition cycles, the FRQnet team has been fixing bugs as they arise. We would therefore like to thank the members of the scientific community for their patience and encourage them to keep reporting the problems they encounter.

All the resources available to support the community, including the video tutorials and contact information, are listed at the end of this release. The team that oversees the implementation of FRQnet is standing by to respond to questions and requests as quickly as possible.

Information on the advancement of the work and certain measures that have been implemented in recent weeks are detailed below.


Several forms are already online. The training award application forms (master’s, PhD and postdoctorate) are now available for the three Fonds de recherche.

The FRQ are working to provide other funding applications forms online as soon as possible. When they are available, the university research offices will be informed and share the details with their communities.

In a competition, if a letter or notice of intent is mandatory, then the application form will only be available to the applicants who submitted a letter or notice of intent.


Members of the research community have reported issues related to the merging of their user accounts in the former systems and the link up with their Canadian Common CV. To remedy the situation, we have informed all the research offices that it was important to validate the details of the CCV and FRQnet account in order to sync the PINs and passwords.


The FRQ are currently seeing to the issues related to the awards payment reports and notices. As soon as access is provided, the members of the scientific community will be informed through their research offices and liaisons. The information will also be included in an upcoming release.

Financial reports

As indicated in May, the deadlines to submit the 2016–2017 financial reports to the FRQNT and FRQSC were postponed to December 4, 2017. Please note that these reports must be entered and sent via FRQnet. However, for the FRQS, the deadline to produce the financial reports remains the same: they are required in their current format (Excel or PDF) until the end of March 2018. As of April 2018, the formats of all the financial reports will be harmonized between the three Fonds and must be filled in and submitted through FRQnet. More information will be provided in an upcoming release.

Institution portal and other issues related to FRQnet

In the upcoming weeks, the FRQ will invite institution portal users to a training and discussion webinar on the topics that were not discussed at the first meeting in June. Any concerns that may have arisen since then among members of the scientific community will be addressed.

Key reminders

  • Important tip: Get started as early as possible to become familiar with the new interface and meet the competition deadlines.
  • Given the extent of the changes to the Common General Rules and programs and the new FRQnet system, all users should acquaint themselves with the new elements before filing an application for funding (award or grant) so as to avoid misunderstandings and errors when filling in the forms.
  • Once an application has been submitted to the Fonds by a student (training award), researcher (grant) or institution (career award, grant that requires institutional approval), it cannot be modified.
  • Co-investigators must now provide their consent to be considered as stakeholders in a funding application.
  • There are now fewer research statuses. Also, their definitions were harmonized for the three Fonds. Go to the Definitions section of the Common General Rules (pages 5 and following) and make sure that your status is eligible under the program rules.
  • In the Common General Rules, the FRQ stipulate that only institutions recognized by the FRQ may manage FRQ funding. Consult the list of recognized institutions (Nature et technologies | Santé | Société et culture website).

Need help?

For technical questions on the Fonds de recherche e-portfolio:

For general technical questions (e.g. log in, password, etc.):

For program questions, contact the program manager of the Fonds that oversees the program. The contact information is available on the Web sites of the Fonds.

For general comments on FRQnet, suggestions for improvements or the development of new video tutorials:

The FRQ encourage you to share this release with your colleagues and visit the FAQ page on the Web sites of the Fonds.

The complete list of video tutorials is also available on the FRQnet pages on the Web site of the FRQ (Nature et technologies | Santé | Société et culture).

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