Montréal, December 18, 2017 – The implementation of FRQnet continues and is now at the stage of launching the reviewer portal. In this regard, we invite reviewers to consult the short video entitled Accéder au portail des évaluateurs (in French). Also, as a reminder, reviewers who already have a user account—as a researcher, for example—must use the same account to access the reviewer portal.

Financial reports

As announced in the November 20th newsletter, the deadline to submit 2016–2017 financial reports to the FRQNT and FRQSC is March 2, 2018. Invitations to training sessions were sent to the individuals responsible for financial services in the FRQnet institution portal. The sessions, which will be held in January 2018, are the opportunity to discuss the expenditures that are harmonized between the three Fonds, the new information structures set out in the financial report and the ways to recover expenditures from earlier years in the previous system.

Confirmation of registration

Those who have been assigned the role of liaison officer should note that they can now confirm the registration of FRQNT and FRQSC award holders in the institution portal. To support liaison officers in the process, a list of files that require confirmation for the 2018 winter session is available in the Institutional documents section of the portal of each Québec university.

On November 23, the FRQ organized a workshop as part of the 34th conference of the Association des administratrices et des administrateurs de recherche universitaire du Québec to present the advancement of FRQnet-related activities. Click here to view the presentation (in French).

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the FRQ are open to comments and suggestions ( Indeed, we would like to thank the members of the scientific community for their valuable collaboration in enhancing this new management tool.

Need help?

Visit the webpage on Recognized institutions to manage funding (Nature et technologies | Santé | Société et culture) to become a recognized institution.

For technical questions on the Fonds de recherche e-portfolio:

For general technical questions (e.g. log in, password, etc.):

For program questions, contact the program manager of the Fonds that oversees the program. The contact information is available on the Web sites of the Fonds.

For general comments on FRQnet, suggestions for improvements or the development of new video tutorials:

The FRQ encourage you to share this release with your colleagues and visit the FAQ page on the Web sites of the Fonds.

The complete list of video tutorials is also available on the FRQnet pages on the Web site of the FRQ (Nature et technologies | Santé | Société et culture).

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