Montréal, April 27, 2018 – In the last few months, we successfully finalized the funding application review process in FRQnet’s new reviewer portal. The budget planning for the awards and grants, which will be announced on Monday, April 30, is based on the results of this exercise. 

With the completion of the first annual cycle using FRQnet, the planning efforts to improve the system in its second year of operation have been underway for several weeks. This step aims to enhance FRQnet based on the many requests for changes we received in the first year and simplify our in-house practices. In the coming year, we will therefore focus on continued improvement and the exchange of best practices in cooperation with the three Fonds and external users.

Financial reports

A significant amount of accountability-related work has also been carried out. As of today, 95% of the 2 728 financial reports expected for 2016–2017 in FRQnet are available to the institutions recognized by the FRQ. The remaining 5% are problematic for exceptional reasons (e.g. change in institution or principal investigator), and our IT resources are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. With a view to continuous improvement, a number of developments are planned for the launch of the 2017–2018 financial reports following our discussions with representatives from university finance departments, specifically with regard to the visual layout and the implementation of certain validation rules. Work is also underway to support XML data transfer, which should be available in April 2019. The submission period for the 2017–2018 financial reports is expected to begin by late September. The goal is to completely close the 2016–2017 accounting period and make the priority improvements. The deadline to submit the 2017–2018 reports is January 30, 2019. However, the FRQS is not postponing the deadline for the submission of its 2017–2018 financial reports, which are required in the current format (Excel or PDF) for one more year according to the usual process (not FRQnet). 

In keeping with our approach since the start of the project, we want to reiterate our willingness to remain flexible and account for everyone’s realities. The many exchanges on the financial reports in recent weeks demonstrate the importance of our collaborations in the context of the new accounting process and our joint activities.

Confirmations of registration

The FRQ have revised the registration confirmation process for training award recipients in FRQnet’s institutions portal to make it simpler for institutions to follow up on the files. Note that the confirmations of registration for FRQS training award recipients enrolled in a university institution located in Québec may also be processed in the institutions portal if the recipient has not submitted the confirmation himself/herself. The new solution will be available by mid-May. In the next few days, the individuals designated as liaison officers in the institutions portal will receive further details regarding the changes.

Research offices

The FRQ will soon invite the members of the research offices to a meeting in mid-June to discuss the institutions portal. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the first annual operations cycle, present the improvements to the portal and prepare for the launch of the 2019–2020 competitions.

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